10/15/2019 - 2:46 PM

SQL BCP IN & OUT cmd Command

BCP Utility SQL BCP OUT cmd Command to save all data of a SQL Database table in a text file. SQL BCP IN cmd Command to insert all data of a text file to a SQL Database Table. -S Server -U username -P Password

bcp [Enrollment_V1].[dbo].TopTenEnrolledTrendSummary OUT E:\BCP\TopTenEnrolledTrendSummary.txt -S -U sa -P desmE123 -c

bcp EnrollmentV2.dbo.TopTenEnrolledTrendSummary IN E:\BCP\TopTenEnrolledTrendSummary.txt -S -U insightm8@insightm8 -P bdm8#2016 -c