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Genesis + Beaver Builder
Many people in FB Genesis WordPress group love this combo. Erin Flynn recommends it.
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Beaver Builder vs Visual Composer

Genesis WP FB page:
Anna Louise - I really hate visual composer but love Beaver Builder for easily editable on page content.

I think it's always going to be a compromise and nothing beats simple clean code ... But there's an ever increasing need to create a more easily editable interface for clients ... It can also speed up dev time and prove to be a real asset for lower priced web dev projects that are done for SMEs where they need (for cost effectiveness reasons) to be able to handle their own content in a flexible way. I've come to loathe anything with an over reliance on short codes. The big difference with beaver is when deactivated there is no short code mess left behind. I'd love to see the results of more in depth testing but on the ground I've found beaver to be incredibly lightweight and the generated code when inspected from the DOM to be pretty intuitive.