10/23/2014 - 7:11 PM



Batarang : to debbuging angular 

MVC - model view controller
TDD - test driven development

Two Data Binding 

HTML                 - your view 

Angular creates templates and bind different components with specific model

- modern framework
- Build solid, well structure single page web apps. 
- Load content asynchronously on the same page and just change the URL on the page to reflect it.
- Create different view for different URLs. Divide our app in different parts.

Angular creates templates and bind different components with specific model. 

- The model value changes, the view is automatically updated.


input hello (value of input text)
say hello - change immediately 

- The value of any component changes  (value of input text) the bound model is also updated

HTML templating
The workflow is easier because designer create templates in html and developers can use declarative binding syntax to tie different ui components with data models.

Use expression like {{name}} to display a name model in HTML.

Enhanced user experience with form validation
Forms are the most important part of any CRUD(Create, Read, Update, Delete) app.

HTML new syntax with directives
A directive in AngularJS is what tricks HTML into doing new things that are not supported natively.
With directives you can create a new element caleld <date-picker/> and use it HTML.

Embeddable, testable, and injectable
You can embbed and Angular app within another app. You can used with other technologies easy. Good testing.

Dependency injection 
means that our code is not in charge of obtaining its dependencies. rather its dependencies are injected automatically by a dependency injection container.