3/10/2017 - 8:40 PM

Thinkful U3, 5.5 Feedback

Thinkful U3, 5.5 Feedback

I submitted my app for feedback to 3 people. Feedback results below:

###User 1 (male, 40, web developer) He said it looked good generally. There are a couple bugs he noticed which I was aware of and am working out in the next build, such as being able to click more than once breaking the flow of the answer feedback and scoring process. The design is something he mentioned as being something to rethink also, which is a good idea.

###User 2 (female, 34, engineering manager) She liked it and said it worked well. She didn't like the orange and blue restro look and thought it was "sorta hard on my eyes". She didn't notice any bugs but said the layout looked "weird" on her iPhone 5, "overlapping".

###User 3 (female, 68, homemaker) She thought the questions were "very hard" but that the overall game was "fun and cute". She didn't understand why you had to fill up the score bar, so maybe the goal of the game isn't clear enough.