6/17/2016 - 6:57 PM

SimpleLDAP Configuration

Directory Provider: Active Directory
LDAP Server:
AD Domain, if multiple separate with semi-colons: JACKMANREINVENT
Email suffix - used if no email attribute data found: 
Attribute to use for email address: mail
Attribute to use for telephone number: mobile (or telephoneNumber)
Port: 389
Base DN. If users are in multiple DNs,separate with semi-colons: DC=jackmanreinvents,DC=com
Login Field: samAccountName
User Suffix (a dot will be added in front of the suffix): 
Group Field: department
Create Users: True
Email-match: Before creating new users, check if LDAP email matches existing RS account email and adopt that account: True
Allow new accounts to be created if there are existing accounts with the same email address? (this is overridden if email-match is set above and one match is found): False
Update user group at each logon. If not using AD groups to determine access, set this to false so that users can be manually promoted: False
Notification address e.g. if duplicate email addresses are registered. If blank none will be sent.:
Fallback User Group: General Users