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How I stream from iPad to Twitch and Ustream.

How I stream from iPad to Twitch and Ustream.

How I stream from iPad to Twitch and Ustream.

I'm broadcasting my iPad game playing on and

I'm using following hardwares.

  • Playing Game: iPad 3 w/ iOS 7.1.2
  • Broadcasting to Twitch: MacBook Air Mid 2011 w/ OS X 10.9

I'm using following softwares on Mac.

Setting Audio MIDI Setup

  1. Create Aggregate Device which contains Built-in Output and kuwatec Audio Loopback. AirServer will be configured to using this for Audio output device.

  2. Set Input/Output Volume of kuwatec Audio Loopback to max.

Setting AirServer

  1. Select Resolution: 1080p
  2. Check Slow Network
  3. iPad mirroring will be shown in 640x480 by these settings.
  4. Select an Output Device: Built-in+Loopback created in Audio MIDI Setup.
  5. Adjust Sync to 0 ms.

Setting CamTwist

  1. Select Desktop+ Confine to AirServer Window
  2. Video Size: Custom 640x480 (Restart CamTwist after changing this.)


Main Window

  Type: AVFoundation,
  Source: CamTwist,
    Compress: <Create later>,
  Source: kuwatec Audio Loopback,
  Bitrate: 96,
  Sample Rate: 44100,
  Audio Shift: 0


Name: 640x480,
Resolution: 640x480,
Preset: veryfast,
Tune: No Value,
Profile: main,
VBV MaxRate: 2000,
VBV Buffer: 2000,
Keyframe every: 2,
CRF: 5,
Use CBR Mode: Yes

Add Twitch stream to CocoaSplit

  1. Copy Stream Key from Twitch Dashboard "Stream Key" section.
  2. Open CocoaSplit, select Twitch TV, Click Add.
  3. Select US West: San Francisco, CA, Paste Stream Key, Click Add.

Add Ustream stream to CocoaSplit

  1. Copy RTMP URL and Stream Key from
  2. Open CocoaSplit, select File/Raw, Click Add.
  3. Paste RTMP URL and Stream Key as "<RTMP URL>/<Stream Key>", Click Add.

Start Streaming

  1. Check Active on Stream you want.
  2. Click Stream button and enjoy broadcasting