7/1/2015 - 6:24 PM

GitHub workflow 1.0

GitHub workflow 1.0

eCommerce GitHub workflow by Dan, Gaston, Orin and Pablo

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Get the code

git clone

or, more generally speaking: git clone [Git-URL]

(This will unpack into a directory. The new Git archive will be inside that directory. Now you want to do these commands while at the root of your working directory. For example, if your clone of the repo was generated in /ecommerce, then go into that directory [maybe try cd ecommerce] to run these commands below.)

Create your branch:

git checkout -b [your-branch-name]

git merge master

Time to edit your branch and upload changes:

git checkout [your-branch-name]


git add -A

git commit -m "[What Changed (commit message)]"

git checkout master

git fetch [or you may need to do git pull]

git merge [your-branch-name] -m "[What Changed]"

git push

Want to look at the lastest code?:

git checkout master

git fetch