10/8/2016 - 9:36 PM

A random collection of suggestions from random people on the random Internet

A random collection of suggestions from random people on the random Internet

Mexican / Tex-mex

Tacos from Guero's off Franklin. (Fried avocado and jalapeño taco)

Taqueria de Los Muertos- Prospect Heights

Baby Bo's Burritos on 2nd Avenue around 36th Street. Massive margaritas and great Tex-Mex.


Cajun: catfish on Bedford Ave. They do giant bloody Mary's with shrimp and hurricanes in hurricane glasses. And they do oysters by the dozen and po boys.

Catfish - Crown Heights

Italian & Pizza

Italian from Bacaro in Chinatown (fried rice balls!) sit downstairs for the ww2 candle lit brick cellar feeling hah

Arturo's pizza

DiFara's for pizza! Go on a weekday early when they open so you don't have to wait, or around 4pm.


Chinese from Joe's Ginger (pork soup dumplings! Everyone raves about the crab ones but I'm allergic:( )

Chelsea Market Chinese Twisted Noodles, a friend of friend opened it and its right at the entrance on 15th if you're in Chelsea. They hand pull the noodles in front of you and the lamb is so spicy and delicious.

Hunan Village on 3rd ave!!! They have different styles of cooking different proteins. I love the dry pepper pots but everything on the menu is great in varying degrees of spicy.

Han Dynasty (chinese)

New green Bo for soup dumplings.

Hot Kitchen (Chinese)

Congee Village Bowery

Jin Fong (dim sum)

Wild Ginger- Chinatown

Congee Village Bowery


Jaiya Thai.

National thai! Get the spicy noodles.

Rin Thai.

Thai from Sky Ice in park slope!!! They have amazing curry noodles and this slow cooked beef Panang that reminds me of my mom's stew beef. They also do Asian ice creams like the durian one which tastes in my opinion like garlicky mango haha.


Pippali (indian)

Dhaba (Indian).

Malai Marke (Indian).


Ippudo, Zundo-ya, or Minca for Ramen.

Japanese order take out from Masago its cheap and delicious but not a restaurant to sit down at.

Tomoe (172 Thompson) is the best sushi value you will find in this city. Huge portions and delicious! go during off hours, it is tiny and you will have to wait

Other Asian Cuisine

Nyonya (Malaysian) is amazing!!!

Hangawi (Korean, Koreatown)


5ive Spice (Vietnamese fusion)

Vietnamese from Nha Trang! They have amazing fried pork spring rolls and really good pho.

Bricolage (Vietnamese)- Park Slope


Mighty Quinn's BBQ in the east village or Inca Chicken in bushwick for Ribs. Really depends on what neighborhood you're in. Mighty Quinn's also has arguably the best stand in the food Court of 225 liberty st (historic wtc building)


Dessert things at Ferrara's!! Good cappuccino and good desserty things. Around the corner in Little Italy


Trinidadian food from Da Hot Pot in Flatbush and Lefferts!!! They have the best doubles in the city. (Two fried sada roti with curry chick peas. Ask for tamarind sauce and a little pepper sauce)

Caracas for arepas.

Aita for brunch

Injera (Ethiopian) – West Village

Veselka in East village

Ukrainian National Home (better than Veselka?)

Turkish Kitchen

Hank's for pickled eggs


Harlem Public – on 149 & Broadway.

Tour of breweries in Long Island City-Queens. Specifically: Big Alice, Rockaway Brewing Company and LIC Project. They are all close to each other and its a cool way to explore that grungy hood.