6/9/2014 - 6:05 AM


github mirror

blshkv  no worries, but you will need to run git pull manually, no overlay :(
1:50:42 AM  Akagi201  OK. better than not.
1:51:25 AM  blshkv  sure ;-)
1:52:16 AM  Akagi201  OK, here is 1:51 am, I will go to bed. Thanks
1:52:17 AM  blshkv  https://github.com/ITDefence will be here somewhere ;-)
1:52:29 AM  blshkv  Akagi201 ha, the same time here
1:52:33 AM  blshkv  I'm in Singapore
1:52:36 AM  blshkv  LOL
1:52:46 AM  blshkv  cheers
1:52:56 AM  Akagi201  You have used rtl8812au before?
1:53:14 AM  blshkv  yes, I've just submitted the ebuild which you emerged
1:53:21 AM  blshkv  the driver sucks big time
1:53:40 AM  blshkv  https://code.google.com/p/pentoo/source/detail?r=5714
1:53:40 AM  Akagi201  which hardware do you use?
1:54:00 AM  Akagi201  I use ASUS USB-AC56
1:54:01 AM  blshkv  asus usb u54?..
1:54:07 AM  blshkv  yeah, that's the one
1:54:15 AM  Akagi201  lol
1:54:29 AM  Akagi201  I met the right man, heh
1:54:51 AM  blshkv  well, not really. I just helped with an emaild
1:55:04 AM  blshkv  you need to work with the upsream at github if you have any suggestions ..
1:55:29 AM  blshkv  that's my pull request btw : https://github.com/abperiasamy/rtl8812AU_8821AU_linux/pull/17
1:55:40 AM  blshkv  *helped with the ebuild
1:56:19 AM  Akagi201  the upstream is the official driver?
1:56:52 AM  blshkv  I dont' think so. But the one from asus web site is broken ;-)
1:57:02 AM  blshkv  so that man made it better
1:57:11 AM  Akagi201  that's true
1:57:27 AM  blshkv  rtl8812au-4.2.5.ebuild <- that is the original driver
1:57:40 AM  blshkv  SRC_URI="http://dlm3cdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/wireless/USB-AC56/DR_USB_AC56_425_Linux.zip http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/wireless/USB-AC56/DR_USB_AC56_425_Linux.zip
1:57:51 AM  blshkv  so yeah, use that _p2014 *
1:58:30 AM  Akagi201  OK. Thanks, I will try it tomorrow
1:58:40 AM  Akagi201  time to sleep. the same to you
1:58:50 AM  Akagi201  have you played with openwrt before?
1:59:13 AM  blshkv  yes, I'm using it and compiled it before
1:59:26 AM  blshkv  sleep time ;-)
1:59:28 AM  Akagi201  My job is on it
1:59:31 AM  blshkv  oh
1:59:47 AM  Akagi201  I will work on it in Alibaba.
1:59:54 AM  blshkv  nice!
2:00:28 AM  blshkv  ok, keep in touch. 2am already
2:00:28 AM  Akagi201  time to go to bed. Bye
2:00:36 AM  Akagi201  yeah