6/28/2014 - 12:16 AM

HAR to Siege File Tutorial

HAR to Siege File Tutorial


brew install siege
gem install hardy

Generate HAR

  1. Open Chrome,
  2. Open the Chrome Developer Tools panel (cmd-shift-i on a Mac),
  3. With the tools panel open, navigate to the site you want to test,
  4. Click the Preserve Log upon Navigation button on the Network tab of the tools panel (otherwise, your Network tab will be cleared with each page view),
  5. Click around the site! Act like the user you want to simulate. Meaning, click links, post forms, change pages, sign in, sign out. Whatever you do here will be recreated by your load test users, so try to do things that will generate interesting test metrics.
  6. Right-click in the Network panel and click "Save as HAR with Content"



hardy convert website.com.har
siege -i -c 1 -t 30s -f urls.siege

Multiple HARs

cat ./*.siege > ./master.siege
siege -i -c 1 -t 30s -f master.siege


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