5/31/2017 - 11:50 AM

NodeJs Capstone

NodeJs Capstone

Jeremy Black
Node Capstone Project Requirements:

Use Node and Express to create a backend that serves your static files and a REST API. simple client app that utilizes the API. The high level requirements for your app are as follows:

- Create a simple client: Most of your time will be spent on the API layer of this app, 

- Serve static files: The server, in addition to offering a REST API, will need to serve your client and any other static assets (for   instance, images).
- Implement a REST API with all four CRUD operations:(create, read, update, delete).

- Comprehensive Tests for the API Layer: Each API endpoint should have test coverage. At a minimum that means having tests for the normal case — that means that if you had, say an account creation endpoint, you'd have a test that proves that when the endpoint gets a POST request with the correct data, a new account is created, and the expected response is returned.

- Use Continuous Integration: 


This app will enable users to discover their personality type by taking a word test,  They will be able to log in, select randomly from different screens of words which will result in a general description of their dominant personality from 1 of 9 types.  They can save the results, share them with others, and retake or modify their word choices if needed.

User interface to take test, save results, create profile, edit profile, and share the results

 As a user I should be able to login and then take a test
 As a user I should get some insight into my personality type
 As a user I should be able to save my profile, retake the test, and modify my word choices
 As a user I should be able to share my results with others
 As a user I should be able to come back and see my personality profile as needed.
Learn to use Node, Express, Testing, and development process for an app .


- Use NodeJS, Express, Passport and ES6 to create a user login and profile.   A word test that presents random words in an interesting way from a list of 90 to determine a personality profile.


Create a overview of the apps general look and feel

Code Base
Use Node JS, Express, Passport for registration.  Will be serving mostly Static files with some visual animation for word test presentation

Use a testing framework - _____ Jest?

Continuous Integration
Use github and ______  for CI 

Launch on web and enable full registering of users who can save with test results

Use digitalocean server with Nginx or Now to serve files.