3/13/2018 - 12:48 PM

Surfingkeys keys

Visual mode in surfingkeys

Visual Mode
v    Toggle visual mode
/    Find in current page
n    Next found text
N    Previous found text
zv   Enter visual mode, and select whole element
V    Restore visual mode
*    Find selected text in current page
0    backward lineboundary
l    forward character
h    backward character
j    forward line
k    backward line
w    forward word
e    forward word
b    backward word
)    forward sentence
(    backward sentence
}    forward paragraphboundary
{    backward paragraphboundary
$    forward lineboundary
G    forward documentboundary
gg   backward documentboundary
gr   Read selected text
o    Go to Other end of highlighted text
*    Search word under the cursor
<Enter> Click on node under cursor.
zz   make cursor at center of window.
f    Forward to next char.
F    Backward to next char.
;    Repeat latest f, F
,    Repeat latest f, F in opposite direction
q    Translate word under cursor
V    Select a word(w) or line(l) or sentence(s) or paragraph(p)
<Ctrl-u> Backward 20 lines
<Ctrl-d> Forward 20 lines