2/16/2018 - 12:20 PM

User Privileges

These determine whether the user can create, modify, delete, and query databases, and if they can modify the privileges and control the server.

\!h Types of user control:
-- coarse-grained - a user may be allowed or prevented from accessing the server, no in-between.

-- fine-grained - a user can access only some tables in a database, or some columns in a table.

-- Some servers only support coarse-grained control, MySQL supports both.

\!h MySQL allows you to control:
-- which users can access the server
-- which databases, tables, and columns they can access
-- the types of actions that users can carry out 
-- ^(e.g. explicitly control whether users can SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, LOCK TABLES, ALTER structures, create and remove indexes etc.)

-- Note: the common thing to do is create users that can access and modify the data in a database but have no privileges to adjust server configuration, change database structure or access other databases.