5/7/2014 - 7:15 AM


art即Atheros Radio Test,是无线评估和制造业测试的一个工具。该工具通过解析脚本的命令,控制仪器执行对应命令而进行测试。它可以执行各种各样的传送测试,接收和链接测试,校准和制造流程中的测试等。Art1需在DOS下手动输入命令。

Atheros based WLAN devices contain an ART block which was stored on the last sector of the flash. ART stands for Atheros Radio Test. It consists of two parts Radio data and board data. Radio data used to tune the output power receiver sensitivity for the RF IC. Mac address, regdomain are recorded in the board data part. You can config the driver by modify this data without changing the madwifi source code. Also some paramters can be overrided by wireless tool commands. So I think Atheros WLAN diver is really well designed.