9/16/2016 - 4:46 PM

DevOps Workshop (Day of DevOps)

DevOps Workshop (Day of DevOps)

ORGANIZER'S NOTE: This is a joint session with me and Paul Stack

Developer. Operations. QA. DevOps. What is DevOps? Whether you are a system administrator, developer, or a QA, we are all moving towards a need to deliver systems and software faster and more reliably.

Come join Paul and Rob as they walk you through what DevOps actually is as well as showing hands on demos in the field of configuration management and provisioning.

Expect to come away from this with a good understanding of DevOps, ideas for how to take your organization to the next level, and hands on experience or awareness of the following:

  • VirtualBox (Virtualization)
  • Vagrant (VM Sandboxing on Steroids)
  • Packer/Veewee (VM Templating / Initialization)
  • Puppet (Configuration Management)
  • The Foreman (External Node Classifier)
  • Chocolatey (Package Management)
  • Jenkins, Team City, or another Continuous Integration Server (CI)
  • Git / GitHub (Source Control)

You will need a laptop with at least 50GB of space (not that we will use that much).