11/13/2015 - 9:11 AM


Oh My Fish Plugins

ansible: Ansible development package for Oh My Fish

apt: Short and friendly command wrapper for APT

battery: OS X and Linux compatible battery utilities

brew: Oh My Fish plugin to integrate Homebrew paths into shell.

bundler: Use Ruby's Bundler automatically for some commands.


copy: OS X and Linux compatible clipboard copy utility

direnv: direnv package for Oh My Fish

emacs: Emacs plugin for the Oh My Fish

extract: Extracts and expands a variety of archive files

fasd: Fasd package for Oh My Fish

foreign-env: Run foreign bash scripts and capture exported environment variables

fzf: command-line fuzzy finder written in Go - Plugin for oh-my-fish

gem: Ruby gem integration.

gi: Simple CLI to gitignore.io to generate .gitignore files.

grc: grc Colourizer for some commands.

hub: Hub package for Oh My Fish

keychain: Keychain package for Oh My Fish

limap: Simple list manipulation library

local-config: Support per-user, per-host and per-platform custom config files.

mvn: Maven plugin for Oh My Fish

osx: Integration with Finder and iTunes.

osx_manpath: Package to properly set $MANPATH on OSX for Oh My Fish

pbcopy: OSX's pbcopy and pbpaste for Linux.

peco: Peco package for Oh My Fish

pyenv: pyenv plugin for Oh My Fish

python: Set of shortcuts to Python based utilities (pybeatifyjson – clean JSON files, pyclean – remove old .pyc, pyhttp & pysmtp – simple HTTP & SMTP servers)

rails: Alias for executing database migrations.

rbenv: rbenv Ruby environment/version manager.

rvm: RVM Ruby version manager.

set_color: Extend set_color with new colors and options.

ssh-term-helper: Oh My Fish plugin that overloads the ssh command to set a conversative $TERM value


sublime: Creates subl command line shortcut to launch Sublime Text editor.

tab: Open the current directory (or any other directory) in a new tab.


tiny: Generate a GitHub short URL using git.io

title: Change your terminal title!


z: Integration with z (autojump alternative).