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      <h2>Intel Xeon Processor <br><span class="font--thin">Rackmount Servers</span></h2>
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            <p>The centerpiece of the Intrepid Server line is the <a href="#">Second Generation Intel&#174; Xeon&#174; Scalable Processor Family</a>. Designed for next-generation workloads, the latest Intel server processors provide the foundation for data-centric innovation. This new platform represents an evolutionary leap in agility and scalability. Disruptive by design, this innovative CPU allows a new level of platform convergence and capabilities across compute, storage, memory, network, and security. Enterprises and cloud and communications service providers can now proceed confidently with their most ambitious digital initiatives thanks to this feature-rich, highly versatile platform.</p>
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            <li>Expanded I/O</li>
            <li>Intel&#174; Ultra Path Interconnect (Intel&#174; UPI)
            <li>Intel&#174; Deep Learning Boost (Intel&#174; DL Boost) with VNNI</li>
            <li>Intel&#174; Infrastructure Management Technologies (Intel&#174; IMT)
            <li>Intel&#174; Security Libraries? for Data Center (Intel&#174; SecL-DC)</li>
            <li>Intel&#174; Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel&#174; AVX-512)
            <li>Security without compromise