pierrebalian of Rocket55 Web Team
1/30/2017 - 4:22 PM

Increase VVV open-files-limit in the my.cnf for vagrant up --provision

Increase VVV open-files-limit in the my.cnf for vagrant up --provision

Previously, when we encountered the open file limit of MySQL, we set the open-files-limit configuration directive to 4096. However, this appears to get blown away when the VVV machine is re-booted. So it looks like we need to edit the config/mysql-config/my.cnf file that VVV uses for the provision process directly. Here are the commands to run from your local machine, not from within the VM....

CD to your VVV directory.

cd ~/vagrant-local/

Halt the machine.

vagrant halt

Edit the config/mysql-config/my.cnf file.

nano ~/vagrant-local/config/mysql-config/my.cnf

Perform a search (nano search command, think w=Where).

Ctrl + w

Type or paste #log-queries-not-using-indexes into the search bar.

Press Return/Enter to perform the search for #log-queries-not-using-indexes.

Move your cursor to the end of that line, then press return/enter.

Type or paste open-files-limit = 4096 on a blank line all by itself.

Write out the file changes (nano command to write Out the file, think o=write Out)

Ctrl + o

Press Return/Enter, when prompted, to confim the write

Exit the editor (nano command to eXit the file editor, think x=eXit)

Ctrl + x

Bring the machine up with provision

vagrant up --provision