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A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
一知半解是一件危险的事情。 -- Gentleman and Lady's Complete Magazine, Vol II, 1774

Confusion can be beneficial for learning, as some research shows that confusion when learning can be beneficial if it is properly induced, effectively regulated and ultimately resolved.

Confusion can be beneficial to learning if appropriately regulated because it can cause learners to process the material more deeply in order to resolve their confusion.

Writing down my confusion, and solving it subsequently.

一些研究表明,困惑有助于学习(Confusion can be beneficial for learning), 因为困惑会导致学习者更深入地处理材料,从而解决他们的疑惑, 并且能够将自己的知识应用于新问题。


How to measure CPE?

NOTE: CPE == Cycles Per Element
Source: CSAPP, 5.12.1 Load Performance, pp554.
Might help: How to determine CPE: Cycles Per Element


注: 已经知道了,采用的线性拟合。增加元素的个数,拟合数元素个数和CPU始终的关系 (2021.02.25)