6/22/2017 - 2:05 PM

Wordpress 2 languages

Wordpress 2 languages

1) install 'Duplicate Page'  page plugin

2) install 'Polylang' plugin

3) create 2 menus , one for english and one for spanish

4) for every page use the 'duplicate page' option to duplicate that page

5) after every page is duplicated you will see at the right a "Translations" field
where you can specify the language for that page, for example if you duplicate the
contact page name one of them "Contacto", and for each of those 2 in the "Translations"
field, enter the name of the page name that corresponds to the specified language

6) for the footer widgets create 2 footer menus and repeat the same as the Top Bar Right

7) Add a "Language Switcher" widget to Top Bar Right, this will add a dropdown with these 2 languages