davidmaneuver of Maneuver
5/4/2018 - 8:19 AM

Wordpress Algolia wp-config settings

//By turning this on, you will hide help notices on the autocomplete and instantsearch admin pages. This is sometimes useful if you are using a custom autocomplete or instantsearch implementation. (false)
define( 'ALGOLIA_HIDE_HELP_NOTICES', false);

//By turning this off, 1 post will equal 1 record but content will be truncated to fit into the Algolia payload max size. (true)
define( 'ALGOLIA_SPLIT_POSTS', true);

// Split the content over several records when exceeding ALGOLIA_CONTENT_MAX_SIZE (size in bytes). WARNING: you should only reduce this value, otherwise your queue will break. (2000)
define( 'ALGOLIA_CONTENT_MAX_SIZE', 2000);

// The Algolia application to use. (null)
define( 'ALGOLIA_APPLICATION_ID', null);

//The Algolia search only API key to use.
define( 'ALGOLIA_SEARCH_API_KEY', null);

//The Algolia admin API key to use. (null)
define( 'ALGOLIA_API_KEY', null);

//The index name prefix to use. ('wp_')
define( 'ALGOLIA_INDEX_NAME_PREFIX', 'wp_');