4/10/2014 - 2:42 PM

asm disk space report.sql

set lines 255
col path for a35
col Diskgroup for a15
col DiskName for a25
col disk# for 999
col total_mb for 999,999,999
col free_mb for 999,999,999
compute sum of total_mb on DiskGroup
compute sum of free_mb on DiskGroup
break on DiskGroup skip 1 on report -
set pages 255

select DiskGroup, b.disk_number Disk#, DiskName, 
   b.total_mb, b.free_mb, 
   -- b.path, 
from v$asm_disk b, v$asm_diskgroup a
where a.group_number (+) =b.group_number
order by b.group_number, b.disk_number,;
set lines 120
col "Redundancy" for a15
col "Diskgroup" for a12
select "Diskgroup" , round(sum(b.total_mb)/1024,1) "Size GB",  
       round(sum(b.free_mb)/1024,1) "Free GB", 
       decode (a.type, 'EXTERN',round(sum(b.free_mb)/1024,1),'NORMAL',round(sum(b.free_mb)/1024/2,1),'HIGH',round(sum(b.free_mb)/1024/3,1))  "Usable GB", 
       decode (a.type, 'EXTERN',round(sum(b.free_mb)/1024/1024,1),'NORMAL',round(sum(b.free_mb)/1024/1024/2,1),'HIGH',round(sum(b.free_mb)/1024/1024/3,1))  "Usable TB", 
       round((sum(b.total_mb)-sum(b.free_mb))/sum(b.total_mb)*1000)/10 "Use%",
       a.type "Redundancy"
from v$asm_disk b, v$asm_diskgroup a 
where  a.group_number (+) =b.group_number 
group by, a.type order by 1;
set pages 100
col database for a15

SELECT NVL(dbname, '-- TOTAL') database, round(SUM(space)/1024/1024) mb_used, 
       round(SUM(space) / AVG(total_mb * 1024 * 1024) * 100, 2) pct_used
  SELECT gname, file_type, space, aname, system_created, alias_directory,
         regexp_substr(full_alias_path, '[[:alnum:]_]*',1,4) dbname, total_mb
    FROM (
      SELECT system_created, alias_directory, file_type,space, level, gname, aname,
          concat('+'||gname, sys_connect_by_path(aname, '/')) full_alias_path, total_mb
        FROM (
          SELECT gname, b.total_mb, a.parent_index pindex, aname,
                 a.reference_index rindex, a.system_created, a.alias_directory,
                 c.type file_type,
            FROM v$asm_alias a 
            JOIN v$asm_diskgroup b ON a.group_number = b.group_number
       LEFT JOIN v$asm_file c ON a.group_number = c.group_number
             AND a.file_number = c.file_number
             AND a.file_incarnation = c.incarnation
        ) START WITH (mod(pindex, power(2, 24))) = 0 AND rindex IN (
          SELECT a.reference_index FROM v$asm_alias a, v$asm_diskgroup b
           WHERE a.group_number = b.group_number
             AND (mod(a.parent_index, power(2, 24))) = 0
        ) CONNECT BY prior rindex = pindex
    ) WHERE NOT file_type IS NULL AND system_created = 'Y' )
select name, total_mb, free_mb, 
       round(100*(total_mb-free_mb)/greatest(1,total_mb),0) as used_pct 
  from v$asm_diskgroup;