12/20/2016 - 3:23 PM

Packages for BS

Packages for BS

Brand Shop

What else is needed?:

  1. Media content storage structure - (/media/users/12/distributor/29/products/SD3235.jpg)
    • model MediaObject -> FK or M2M and all the processing logic of the media in this model
  2. List of sources - Like a manualy, from edge, from import, etc.
  3. Model mixins and custom models - Like a InfoMixin or AddressModel
    • We are creating abstract model and all subsequent models are inherit from it. Initially, there will be only two fields created and modified. After that we can create an abstract model Entity from which will be inherited Distributor, Retailer, Supplier and etc.
  4. List of states - [ Approved, Active, Pending approval, Pending registration, Disable, Requested, Draft, ]
  5. List of actions - []
  6. List of accounts types - [ Superuser, Retailer, Distributor, Admin, Supplier, Sale Manager, Merchandiser, SAP, ]
  7. List of permissions - []
  8. List of industries - google-taxonomy.xls
  9. Custom fileds - JSONField
  10. Membership form - json
  11. Login as feature - copy from 99f and upgrade


  1. Uniform formats.
  2. Uniform response codes and messages and etc.
  3. List of available formats for images, videos, other files.