2/14/2014 - 6:43 AM



- The toolbar should wrap on several lines. Currently, when expanding it, some buttons are opened on the same line, some on the next one. This creates an inconsistent visual experience on Desktop. The buttons should have a constant position so that it makes it easy to find them, and see where they will appear when expanding/collapsing.
- Invert indent/outdent buttons (inconsistent with any other editor).
- The accessibility checker should not report errors when the style is the default one. Eg. On Clean the contract of the links are reported as not compliant with WCAG AA.
- Limit the height of the editor to prevent the toolbar to go off screen.
- A big selection causes the editor to freeze for some seconds.


- Being able to set the alignment (flow) of the images.
- Images with dead link are not disabled at all in the editor, it is impossible select them to fix or delete them.
- Indent/outdent plugins should not use <blockquote> tag as inappropriate, setting a class 'indent' seems to be the best.
- Focus lost in the Equation editor after inserting a symbol, the cursor should remain at the same place to insert multiple symbols at once.
- Simplifying the 'accessibility checker' to display a sensible content rather than the entire node <a ...>...</a>.
- The 'screenreader helper' should always display something for missing images. Currently images without an alt tag are reported but not identifiable.
- Being able to see the list of plugins available in the settings UI.


- The 'active' state of the buttons are too subtle.
- The equation button gets an active state even if the cursor is not in the equation.
- Reword the 'Manage files' plugin interface, and reduce height of content.
- The media plugin is missing a preview.
- The style of the equation editor is not consistent with the rest of Moodle (colours, borders, ...)
- The 'caption' field in the table dialogue is too big, it should be a standard text input.
- The caption displayed in the editor overlaps its borders, styling bug.
- Bug when inserting a table in a <ul> or <ol>.
- The spelling of the word 'color' should be 'colour' in the accessibility checker.


- Being able to resize the images from within the editor.
- Combine plugins indent/outdent into one.
- Combine plugins link/unlink into one.
- Ability to click on the reports from the accessibility checker to select the text automatically.
- Prettifying the HTML when switching to HTML view.
- Video previews should be displayed directly in the editor.
- Convert the code to use class instances rather than static classes.
- Developer a word count plugin.