10/9/2015 - 7:04 PM

Miva - Cache WordPress Header & Footer

Miva - Cache WordPress Header & Footer

<mvt:if expr="g.auth EQ 'SUPER_SECRET'">
	<mvt:assign name="l.result" value="wget( g.domain:mm_url $ 'Screen=WP-FOOTER', '/html/WP-FOOTER.html', 'script' )" />
	<mvt:assign name="l.result" value="wget( g.domain:mm_url $ 'Screen=WP-HEADER', '/html/WP-HEADER.html', 'script' )" />


This functionality can be used to cache a store's Global Header & Footer so that they can be included into a WordPress's header.php & footer.php without creating extra Baskets.

Special Notes

  • It's helpfull to strip out Session IDs from the global header & footer links/forms
  • Tie this up to a cron job and run in daily/weekly/monthyl
  • OR just visit the Miva page whenever major updates are made