7/30/2015 - 1:45 AM

Parse API Debug Tab

Parse API Debug Tab

$photos = new ParseObject("Photos"); // set Parse Object to "Photos"
$query = new ParseQuery("Photos");
//$query->notEqualTo("approved", false);  //Filters to Approved Photos
$query->EqualTo("approved", false);  //Filters to Unapproved Photos
$query->ascending("createdAt"); // Order by most recent uploads first
$results = $query->find();

  if (isset($_POST['parse_delete_push_btn']))

  <div id='pn_form'>
    <h3>Test: Delete Photo by objectId:</h3>
    <form id='parse_delete' name='parse_delete_form' method='post' method='post'>
        <p><input type='text' name='ob_id'  placeholder='objectId' /></p>
        <input type='submit' id="push_button" class='pn blue push_button' name='parse_delete_push_btn' value='Send' />

echo '<div class="postbox"><div class="inside">';
if ( $results ) { echo '<h3>Parse.com API Query Found</h3>'; } else { echo '<h3>Parse.com API Query Not Found</h3>'; }
echo "<pre>";
echo "</pre>";
echo "</div></div>";