4/16/2016 - 4:42 PM

Adwords report

Adwords report

This report is all about your Google Adwords performance. These reports are different from other Acquisition reports in the following way:
- Show information specific to Adwords
- Make use of cost data imported from Adwords
(GA makes use of this cost data & Revenue to calculate metrics like ROI, RPC: Revenue Per Click)
It allows you to see the performance of your Campaign, Ad Group and Keyword.

Adwords Report Hierarchy
1. Campaign
2. Ad Group
3. Keywords

- Visit : its the number of visits that your site received from Adwords Campaign
- Impressions : its the number of times your ad was displayed
- Clicks : its the number of clicks your ad received
- ROI = (Revenue from Adwords visits - Adwords Cost) / Adwords Cost

Bid Adjustment report
It lets you see the Adwords performance for each of the Bid Adjustment you make in your campaign based on the Device, Location and Ad Schedule.

Adwords Keywords report
It lets you see your performance broken out by the keywords you have chosen to target in your search campaign. Using this report you can understand which keywords are good in acquiring new visitors.