2/3/2017 - 3:14 PM

magento 2 vids

magento 2 vids

Guided Videos
Hi all
I want to get these videos into your hands as quickly as possible. Marketing plans on releasing these on the website soon, but I figured I would get them to you now since we are getting so many requests for demos. The videos are 2-4 minutes each with detailed guided walkthroughs of our capabilities. These are great to send to prospects so they can review in advance of meetings and we can then better understand where they want to focus when we get an SC involved.
Visual Merchandiser: Save time with smart categories and harness the power of granular control with drag and drop sequencing -

Content Staging and Preview: Deploy content on your own schedule without IT involvement for flawless campaigns. -

Customer Segmentation and Personalization: Build personalized experiences to convert both guests and registered shoppers. Covers personalization of content, products, promos, and private sales.

Admin Experience: Quick review of our touch-friendly admin tool designed for business efficiency.

Promotions: Increase conversion and AOV with a robust promotions and discounting tool.

Engaging Customer Experience: Overview of native front end shopping experience built to give merchants a responsive, flexible storefront. -

Continuous Innovation in the Cloud: Overview of how the PaaS tool enables development teams to work more efficiently. -