5/27/2015 - 3:37 PM

Database Optimization


Optimize WP Database
- WP Sweep - - The one I use. Simple, easy. 
CAUTION: be careful using this. 
OK to do: Post Sweep, Comment Sweep, User Sweep
OK if there are NO DRAFTS; not OK on Zamir with empty default 2ndary nav menu: Term Sweep
CAUTION with: Option and DB Sweep (With Zamir, I optimized DB via phpMyAdmin)

- WP CleanUp (installed this on ASK) - This is the one I used. Not compatible with current WP4.2.2

- WP-Optimize (4.6 stars on; hasn't been updated in 2 yrs.) - Recommended by wpmudev. Simple but effective plugin allows you to extensively clean up your WordPress database and optimize it without doing manual queries. 

- WP Database Optimizer (hasn't been updated in 2 yrs.)
- WP DBManager -
- Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions - - Recommended by wpmudev. Optimizes the WordPress Database after Cleaning it out 

WPBeginner says: Also because the main distinguishing characteristic of WP-Sweep is that it uses proper WordPress delete functions as much as possible instead of running direct delete MySQL queries. Whereas the WP-Optimize plugin uses direct delete SQL queries which can leave orphaned data left behind.