5/29/2015 - 9:09 PM

Backup, Restoration, Migration Tools

Plugins, Techniques

-- I have lifetime license: unlimited site backup, lifetime plugin updates and one year of support forum access

Backup Buddy (tutorial
$80 / 2 licenses
$100 / 10 licenses
$150 / unlimited (this is what I purchased) - recommended by many people on Genesis Slack channel.
-- Personal Backup - Never lose a file again. Get unlimited cloud backup for your Mac or PC. Just $5/month.

Migrate Guru -
(recommended by Sridhar Katakam on Slack)
Migrate Guru -
- For migration only, no backups

All in One WP Migration (AIO) - 
(used by Sridhar Katakam) (512MB limit on import; $49 for lifetime license to remove limit)
INSTRUX. for removing limit in my snippet:
-- Marcy Diaz (Slack Channel): The repo version works well for backups and restoring to the same site. 
You need to purchase Migrator if you want to use it for moving sites to new locations.
-- Gets great reviews. $145/developer license for unlimited sites. BUT only 1 year of updates. 40% discount to update license each year.
-- This is the most popular free plugin on WordPress repository. 
• site duplicator & migrator, with which you can copy sites and move them to new location
• schedule backups – no need to remember if you have made a backup, just set a schedule and 
automatically backup your website every day, week or month. You can also have separate schedules 
for files and databases.
• good reporting allowing you to see the status of backups and when the next backup is scheduled. 

Duplicator and WP Migrate DB - used together for copying files and migrating db

WP Migrate DB (THE best tool for migrating the DB) -

Had difficulty with the PHP being "active", so I used Duplicator to copy the files into a .zip archive. Very fast. But, missing the .htaccess file, which I had to manually clone via ftp and copy the contents given to me inside the Permalinks page.


1.22.18 - recommended by Theresa Jennings on Int. WP FB page

1.22.18 - Other recommendations on Int. WP FB page - What I use - SuperDuper for making bootable backup
WD USB Drive - plug into USB portal in back of computer so that it gets enough power
-- David's wedding files
-- ASK Design folder
-- Current Projects