12/19/2012 - 3:01 AM

LuxuryCases integration

LuxuryCases integration

// Screw the other document I passed along. Here is the magic. EVERYTHING on this page goes between <script> tags when we move it to your site. I left them out for brevity.

// First step, whack this library in your header (just like Google Analytics):

// Second step, track when customers sign up, sign in, add email during checkout and subscribe to your newsletters (which you can also use our form builder for,

_veroq.push(['user', {id: 'replace-with-users-email', email: 'replace-with-users-email']);

// Third step, track these events.

_veroq.push(['track', 'View product', {sku: 'replace-with-sku', name: 'replace-with-product-name', url: 'replace-with-product-url', image_url: 'replace-with-product-image-url'}]);

_veroq.push(['track', 'Add product to cart', {sku: 'replace-with-sku', name: 'replace-with-product-name', url: 'replace-with-product-url', image_url: 'replace-with-product-image-url'}]);

_veroq.push(['track', 'Begin checkout']);

_veroq.push(['track', 'Complete checkout', {products: {replace-with-array-of-products}]);

_veroq.push(['track', 'Purchase product', {sku: 'replace-with-sku', name: 'replace-with-product-name', url: 'replace-with-product-url', image_url: 'replace-with-product-image-url'}]);