2/29/2016 - 11:53 PM

Unlink unused config files in sites-enabled with Ansible

Unlink unused config files in sites-enabled with Ansible

This task cleans sites-enabled dir from config files that should not be enabled anymore Its quite easy to use a list of enabled sites to link their config files to sites-enabled, as shown in the last entry. There will still be links to the config files of sites that had been enabled in the previous ansible run, they need to be removed explicitly. The simple way would be to remove the sites-enablied directory alltogether. But this would allways require to create new links to the config files for enabled sites. Thus it would force a server restart even if there had really no changes at all. Defining a var disabled_sites is not quite a good idea since you would probably forget to add or remove items from that list at one time. So my solution is to list all config files that do not correspond to enabled sites and in a second step remove those.

I use it with nginx, but it should also work with apache/httpd or other configurations with a similar concept.

It would be easier to use just rm with an extended glob like rm /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/!({{ enabled_sites | join('|') }}).conf. Unfortunately this is no so easy with ansible since extglob is not available by default in the shell module. It's possible to explicitly use an specific executable bin like /bin/bash. /bin/bash -O extglob should do the trick but I couldn't get it to run with an argument. You cant just prepend setopt -s extglob in the same shell command because the extglob will result in an parse error since it is not enabled at parse time. The only way to use extendend globs would be to put a script on the remote host - either to run a shell with extglob or to execute the command by /bin/bash -O extglob script. Anyway, ls with --ignore seems quite easier.

- name: NGINX | Find disabled sites
  shell: "ls {% for site in enabled_sites %} --ignore={{ site }}.conf{% endfor %}"
    chdir: /etc/nginx/sites-enabled
  register: disabled_sites
  changed_when: false
  tags: [remove-sites]

- name: NGINX | Remove disabled sites
  file: dest=/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/{{ item }} state=absent
  notify: restart nginx
  tags: [remove-sites]
  with_items: "{{ disabled_sites.stdout_lines }}"

# just to complete the setup
- name: NGINX | Enable sites
  file: dest=/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/{{ item }}.conf src=/etc/nginx/sites-available/{{ item }}.conf state=link
  with_items: "{{ enabled_sites }}"
  notify: restart nginx