1/13/2016 - 8:05 PM


Existing Site

  • What type of feedback have you received on the original site? What goals did it accomplish (or not)?
  • Do you have any analytics from the original site?
  • Are there any specific policy actions, publications, etc. that took place as a result of the original site? Is this what you are/were looking to accomplish?
  • What were the biggest blockers for the original site achieving its goals?

Phase 2

  • What type of users are you expecting to visit the site? What do you want them to accomplish or take away from the visit?
  • What type of changes will have the biggest impact on "user success" [BECKY FIGURE OUT HOW TO WRITE THIS BETTER]
  • Specific items from the RFP, what's the motivation behind these additions/changes (ie. how does it improve the impact of the site?):
    • Map view
    • Compare view
    • Additional oils
    • Additional model parameters
    • Third party data integration