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Web Development - Things you need to know

Web Development - Things you need to know

Some info and links to help people understand what exactly is web development, what are its key elements and all
you need to know to get started 

First of all what is a Server?

What is a Client-Server architecture? 
- It is one of the most prominent architectures used to design any software which interacts with web. Be it a website, 
a chat service or anything.

Difference between front-end and back-end 
- You must have come across this term many times if you have tried to explore about web development - This link 
clearly explains the difference between front-end and back-end. There are people who like designing and 
improving user experience - for them front-end is good since they get to design things and interact with
users directly. A back-end developer writes code which adds functionality to the web service. For example - 
Registering a user on your website is back-end dev, but designinig the registration page is front-end dev. 

Choose the right language for your application: 
When it comes to web dev, there are lots of languages and frameworks which you can refer to. For the front-end
you don't have much options. You have only HTML, CSS and JS. But There are numerous frameworks written in CSS 
and JS which help in rapid development. For example: if you want to design webpages fastly which are compatible
with mobiles also then you can use : Bootstrap framework (Written in JS and CSS). Same way for JS also many 
frameworks exist.
I strongly recommend using frameworks since they make coding easy and development faster. 

Getting your hands dirty : PHP  
For learning and web works and its essential elements - I strongly recommend simple PHP without any framework.
You can use frameworks for front-end but don't use any framework for php. If you want to use django or ruby on rails
then it's not bad but those frameworks do a lot of work for you and because of that you don't understand many
things which happen under the hood. So initially I'll recommend you to learn web dev using php and later on 
shift to powerful frameworks of php or ruby on rails or django. 

This video series is great and teaches you everything that you need to know about php:
Don't waste much time on videos which teach you about language syntax. The idea here is to know about the basic
things like cookies, sessions, error codes, get requests, post requests. So don't waste time on the syntax. 

Update 1

By now you must be able to understand PHP well. Now you need to understand some things which 
will let you develop fast. 

Designing Webpages Fast: 
To design websites, writing html, css and js code from scratch can be a pain. 
To make sure that your website adjustswell across multiple devices is also a challenge. 
To get across all these limitations we need some designing tools which help us develop fast. 

About bootstrap and bootstrap components:
A simple website made using twitter bootstrap :
You can directly copy that code and modify it to adjust to your needs. 

Let's try to make something useful now:
By now hopefully you are ok with connecting Php with database. <Will write remaining part later> 

Once you are through the PHP course which teaches you the basics of how web website work I strongly recommend you to
make a switch to ruby on rails or django if you want to do any serious web development. Django might be easier to shift
to if you are familiar with python but any day ruby on rails is a lot lot better than django. I have worked a lot on 
ruby on rails and django both and RoR is better anyday in my opinion. 

I'll keep updating this.