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Pointer Concept

Pointer Concept

// Utilities library
#include <cstdlib>	// General purpose utilities: program control, dynamic memory allocation, random numbers, sort and search
#include <csignal>	// Functions and macro constants for signal management
#include <csetjmp>	// Macro (and function) that saves (and jumps) to an execution context
#include <cstdarg>	// Handling of variable length argument lists
#include <typeinfo>	// Runtime type information utilities
#include <typeindex>   // (since C++11)	std::type_index
#include <type_traits> // (since C++11)	Compile-time type information
#include <bitset>	   // std::bitset class template
#include <functional>  // Function objects, designed for use with the standard algorithms
#include <utility>	   // Various utility components
#include <ctime>	   // C-style time/date utilites
#include <chrono>      // (since C++11)	C++ time utilites
#include <cstddef>	   // typedefs for types such as size_t, NULL and others
#include <initializer_list> // (since C++11)	std::initializer_list class template
#include <tuple>       // (since C++11)	std::tuple class template

// Dynamic memory management
#include <new>	  // Low-level memory management utilities
#include <memory> // Higher level memory management utilities
#include <scoped_allocator> // (since C++11)	Nested allocator class

// Numeric limits
#include <climits>	// limits of integral types
#include <cfloat>	// limits of float types
#include <cstdint>  // (since C++11)	fixed-size types and limits of other types
#include <cinttypes> // (since C++11)	formatting macros , intmax_t and uintmax_t math and conversions
#include <limits>	// standardized way to query properties of fundamental types

// Error handling
#include <exception> //	Exception handling utilities
#include <stdexcept> //	Standard exception objects
#include <cassert>	 // Conditionally compiled macro that compares its argument to zero
#include <system_error> // (since C++11)	defines std::error_code, a platform-dependent error code
#include <cerrno>	// Macro containing the last error number

// Strings library
#include <cctype>	// functions to determine the type contained in character data
#include <cwctype>	// functions for determining the type of wide character data
#include <cstring>	// various narrow character string handling functions
#include <cwchar>	// various wide and multibyte string handling functions
// #include <cuchar>   // (since C++11)	C-style Unicode character conversion functions
#include <string>	// std::basic_string class template

// Containers library
#include <array>    // (since C++11)	std::array container
#include <vector>   //	std::vector container
#include <deque>	// std::deque container
#include <list>	    // std::list container
#include <forward_list> // (since C++11)	std::forward_list container
#include <set>	    // std::set and std::multiset associative containers
#include <map>	    // std::map and std::multimap associative containers
#include <unordered_set> // (since C++11)	std::unordered_set and std::unordered_multiset unordered associative containers
#include <unordered_map> // (since C++11)	std::unordered_map and std::unordered_multimap unordered associative containers
#include <stack>	// std::stack container adaptor
#include <queue>	// std::queue and std::priority_queue container adaptors

// Algorithms library
#include <algorithm>	// Algorithms that operate on containers

// Iterators library
#include <iterator>	// Container iterators

// Numerics library
#include <cmath>	// Common mathematics functions
#include <complex>	// Complex number type
#include <valarray>	// Class for representing and manipulating arrays of values
#include <random>   // (since C++11)	Random number generators and distributions

#include <numeric>	// Numeric operations on values in containers
#include <ratio>    // (since C++11)	Compile-time rational arithmetic
#include <cfenv>    // (since C++11)	Floating-point environment access functions

// Input/output library
#include <iosfwd>	// forward declarations of all classes in the input/output library
#include <ios>	    // std::ios_base class, std::basic_ios class template and several typedefs
#include <istream>	// std::basic_istream class template and several typedefs
#include <ostream>	// std::basic_ostream, std::basic_iostream class templates and several typedefs
#include <iostream>	// several standard stream objects
#include <fstream>	// std::basic_fstream, std::basic_ifstream, std::basic_ofstream class templates and several typedefs
#include <sstream>	// std::basic_stringstream, std::basic_istringstream, std::basic_ostringstream class templates and several typedefs
#include <iomanip>	// Helper functions to control the format or input and output
#include <streambuf> //	std::basic_streambuf class template
#include <cstdio>	// C-style input-output functions

// Localization library
#include <locale>	// Localization utilities
#include <clocale>	// C localization utilities
// #include <codecvt>  // (since C++11)	Unicode conversion facilities

// Regular Expressions library
#include <regex> // (since C++11)	Classes, algorithms and iterators to support regular expression processing

// Atomic Operations library
#include <atomic> // (since C++11)	Atomic operations library

// Thread support library
#include <thread> // (since C++11)	std::thread class and supporting functions
#include <mutex>  // (since C++11)	mutual exclusion primitives
// #include <shared_mutex> // (since C++14)	shared mutual exclusion primitives
#include <future> // (since C++11)	primitives for asynchronous computations
#include <condition_variable> // (since C++11)	thread waiting conditions

using namespace std;

// =================================================//////////////////////////////

#define ROWS 3
#define COLS 3
int multi[ROWS][COLS];
int main(void)
    int row, col;
    for (row = 0; row < ROWS; row++)
        for (col = 0; col < COLS; col++)
            multi[row][col] = row*col;
    for (row = 0; row < ROWS; row++)
        for (col = 0; col < COLS; col++)
            printf("%d ",multi[row][col]);
            printf("%d ",*(*(multi + row) + col));
        cout << endl;
    return 0;