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Meteor project structure #Markdown #Meteor

Meteor project structure #Markdown #Meteor

Meteor project structure

The Meteor project structure (MPS) is a proposal for a simple file and folder naming specification.

There are several basic distinctions when building a Meteor project structure. First there is a client, server and an imports folder. All folders have specific naming rules and differ in their structure.

Global restrictions are applied to all folders:

  • Non-npm-package-import sources are always index.js files.
  • Every first-level subfolder contains an index.js file.
  • A subfolder depth of three is the limit.
  • Everything which is not defined in this guide must be according to the Meteor code style guide.

Important paradigms:

  • Modularity is key when designing a structure.
  • A module is a namespace reserved for an entity.


  • UI: React
  • Local state: Redux
  • Remote state: Meteor publications



  • Component file names are PascalCase.
  • Folder and module names are lower case.
  • CSS files can be placed anywhere.

Folders and files:

  • actions/ Redux methods to dispatch actions.
    • core.js Application actions.
    • [modules].js Module actions.
  • core/ App react components.
  • main.js Client startup.
  • main.html Contains the render target for the react-dom mount and static header tags.
  • MainLayout.js Is the main template of the app.
  • [modules]/ Module react components.
  • reducers/ Redux state reducers.
    • [state].js Filename is equal to the state name.
  • users/ User react components.

React component naming:

  • [Entity].js Single entity react component.
  • [Entity]List.js React list view component.
  • [Entity]Search.js React search form component.
  • [Entity][Suffix]Container.js React component container.


Folders and files:

  • collections/ Mongo collections.
    • [Modules].js Collection definitions.
  • schemas/ Schemas.
    • [Module].js Schema definitions.
  • helpers/ Helper functions for client and server.
  • translations/ Translation sets.
    • [language].js Contains a translated language set.


Server restrictions:

  • Folder and module names are lower case.

Folders and files:

  • actions/ Server only methods.
    • [modules].js Module specific actions.
  • methods/ Meteor methods.
    • [modules].js Module Meteor methods.
  • pubication/s Meteor publications.
    • [modules].js Module Meteor publications.
  • main.js Server startup.
  • seeds.js Contains database seed sets.
  • accounts.js User account configurations.

Publications and methods naming:

Component -> Publication
PostList -> posts.list
Post -> posts.item

Action -> Method
Update post -> posts.update
Remove post -> posts.remove
Insert post -> posts.insert