10/1/2019 - 2:08 AM

how to read a book

Good habits to read a book

  • Habit 1: Subvocalization ( we can't read more than our speed of speaking, so we shouldn't speak actively or passively inside head while reading)
    • Tip 1: Press the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth
    • Tip 2: Find a good environment which is optimum for productivity ( not too loud to keep you distracted and not too quit where you brain begins to wander). the key is to keep mind in state of relaxation eg. by listening classical music (without lyrics).
  • Habit 2: Regression ( when you forgot what you have read in previous para/line). It is due to lack of conecentration
    • Tip 1: Be curious and ask why.To find a good answer we must have good questions always ask questions: what i am looking for, how long it will take me to Look for key points, what key figues and word i need to find.
    • Tip 2: Gliding ( keep hand or phone on the line which you have read so you will concentrate more fearing that you can't look for the same line twice)
  • Habit 3: Fixations are where our eyes are still on the page. On average and untrained reader uses 10-15 fixations per line as their eyes bounces from word to word
    • Tip 1: Use a pacer (underline text with hand, or pen as you read )
    • Tip 2: Bouncing (3 columns) make 3 columns on page and only fixate your eye on the canter of each column.

How to read a book a day

  • Front and back cover
  • Table of contents (the Pareto principle)
  • Skim (10 secs per page) ( read subheading and figures fastly which catch your eyes)
  • Scan (30 secs per page) ( go through key words and figures of subheadings which caught your eye on third step)
  • Speed read using above mentioned good habits