5/2/2018 - 5:42 AM

Installing RSymphony on macOS

Install Symphony

Install Symphony with homewbrew:

brew tap coin-or-tools/coinor
brew install symphony

Install pkg-config, a tool for querying installed libraries for when compiling software source code. Not sure if this is strictly necessary, but pkg-config is used in the configuration script for Rsymphony:

brew install pkg-config

And install gfortranif not installed.

Installe RSymphony

First grab and unpack the source:

tar -xzvf Rsymphony_0.1-28.tar.gz

Edit Rsymphony/configure and comment out the test for finding SYMPHONY libraries and headers, which is broken (not sure yet how to fix it):

#if test ${status} -ne 0; then
#  echo "Cannot find SYMPHONY libraries and headers."
#  echo "See <>."
#  exit 1

Next edit Rsymphony/src/ and change

#include <coin/symphony.h>


#include <symphony.h>

Finally, run

r CMD install Rsymphony