7/19/2016 - 2:59 AM


Why I like Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts

1. It's a game that wants you to play it

  • There are no unskippable dialogue sequences, the story is mostly told through the levels you wander through. There are no segments where you don't have control in some way. You press start, some music plays and shows you the world map over a span of 2 seconds and then there's a zombie and you have to deal with it.

2. It forces you to think

  • People call it "hard" but it's really a game that asks you to plan and learn its systems in order to be succesful. Once you know how the game functions it's not remotely hard at all. It just requires you to think before you act.

3. The whole game is colorful and beautiful artistically with inspired designs

  • Every level has its own color palette with its own theming.

4. Every level is themed and unique

  • Some are very horizontal and tiered, some are very vertical, some have random platforms that require you to be reflexive.

5. Every enemy is different in appearance and behavior

  • There's never "zombie" and then "strong zombie", every single enemy looks differently and has completely different behaviors and attacks.

6. You can go from being puny to being unbelievably strong and then losing it all in a span of 45 seconds

  • You start with steel armor and earn armor pieces to gain powerful screen clearing magic with the gold armor, but you can lose it from a single enemy attack. You can regain that power again in no time if you understand the game's chest system however.

7. It can be beaten in an hour if you know what you're doing

8. It's simple in its controls and design

  • Four arrow keys and two buttons, that's it

Here's a video that goes into depth with SGNG, entertaining watch: