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Transaction Inquiries

Transaction Inquiries

Transaction Inquiry Custom Formula [ New ]

‎06-05-2015 02:00 PM

Custom Formulas


1. Transaction Inquiry: Transaction All or Transaction Labor Inquiries: Time that has been PM Approved

Name of the Project Manager

SELECT vecFirstName + ' ' + vecLastName

FROM AxTransaction

LEFT JOIN AxVEC ON vecKey = tTimeProjectManagerApprovedBy

WHERE tKey = [Transaction Key]


Date and Time Approved

SELECT tTimeProjectManagerApprovedDateTime

FROM AxTransaction

WHERE tKey = [Transaction Key]


2. Transaction Inquiry: Add the last cost account associated the entry that is not the payable cost account


SELECT TOP 1 glaDescription FROM AxGLAccount
JOIN axgldetail on glaKey = gldAccount
JOIN AXtransaction on gldTransaction = tkey
WHERE tKey = [Transaction Key]
AND gldType = 1
AND glaDescription not like '%Payable%'


3. Transaction Inquiry: Add the project status associated with the entry

Select prjStatusDescription From Project WHERE prjkey = [Project Key]


To Use these Custom Formulas

Copy the desired Formula into the definition of your Inquiry column.