2/1/2017 - 4:26 PM

Micros CheatSheet

Micros CheatSheet

#Ensure your app is running on port 8080

#1. Create Micros 
ᐅ micros service:create bhaasha

#2. Build your Docker Image [ensure you have a dockerFile]
ᐅ docker build -t .

#3. Push your Docker image to Micros [You must be logged into Docker]
ᐅ docker push

#4. Before Deploying Ensure descriptor file provides information about docker version
    type: docker
    tag: 0.0.1
#5. Add healthcheck endpoint in your app

#6. Deploy your service to environment 
ᐅ micros service:deploy bhaasha -e ddev 

# flag to prevent deletion
cleanup: False

#Setting an alias 
ᐅ micros alias:set -s hcngtools -e prod-east