4/14/2014 - 1:57 PM

Merge wiki updates that are on a fork of your repo.

Merge wiki updates that are on a fork of your repo.

Merge Wiki Changes From A Forked Github Repo

This is inspired (or basically copied) from How To Merge Github Wiki Changes From One Repository To Another, by Roman Ivanov, and serves to ensure that should something happen to the original article, the information remains nice and safe here.


OREPO: original repo - the repo created or maintained by the owner

FREPO: the forked repo that presumably has updates to its wiki, not yet on the OREPO


Should you want to contribute to the wiki of a repo you have forked, do the following:

  • fork the repo
  • clone only the wiki to your machine: $ g clone [FREPO].wiki.git
  • make changes to your local forked wiki repo
  • push your changes to GitHub

Once you are ready to let the author know you have changes, do the following:

  • open an issue on OREPO
  • provide a direct link to your wiki's git repo for ease of merging: i.e. [FREPO].wiki.git

Merging Changes

As the owner of OREPO, you have now received a message that there are updates to your wiki on someone else's FREPO.

If wiki changes are forked from latest OREPO wiki, you may do the following:

$ git clone [OREPO].wiki.git
$ cd [OREPO].wiki.git

# squashing all FREPO changes
$ git pull [FREPO].wiki.git master

$ git push origin master

If OREPO wiki is ahead of where FREPO forked from, do the following:

$ git clone [OREPO].wiki.git
$ cd [OREPO].wiki.git
$ git fetch [FREPO] master:[FREPO-branch]
$ git checkout [FREPO-branch]

#checkout to last OREPO commit
$ git reset --hard [last-OREPO-commit-hash]

# do massive squash of all FREPO changes
$ git merge --squash HEAD@{1}
$ git commit -m "Wiki update from FREPO - [description]"
$ git checkout master

# cherry-pick newly squashed commit
$ git cherry-pick [OREPO-newly-squashed-commit]
$ git push