1/16/2014 - 1:11 AM



The New List is here.

Rainy Mood: rainy day

Coffitivity: coffee shop

Sundrown : multiple choices, web-based

A Soft Murmur: multiple choices

focus@will: music

A youtube audio track of coffee shop (really long)

A youtube audio track of 10 hours rain fall

mynoise: a noise generator, pretty good.

A combination of rainy mood and coffitivity:

iSerenity: multiple choices but not that good (just my feeling).

Rany by simply noise: just rain. simplynoise has other products.

Natural Sound player: many natural sounds, cool.

NatureSoundsFor.Me: make your own track, so many kinds of sounds.

White.Noise: several different tracks

ambient mixer: make ambient sound easily

white noise mp3s: listen and download