1/31/2017 - 9:38 PM

Conan Exiles dedicated server configuration

Conan Exiles dedicated server configuration

For a simple, default server setup, open ports 7777/UDP, and 27015/UDP in your firewall.

  • Port=7777 (game data)
  • QueryPort=27015 (Steam queries)

Be sure to run the server (StartServer.bat) once, so it can generate the initial config files!

It is best to combine this configuration with the batch file setup here (so add the ConanSandboxServer.exe params to a new start.bat file instead)!


Single server (simple)

ConanSandboxServer.exe -log

Multiple servers (advanced)

ConanSandboxServer.exe -log -MaxPlayers=50 -Port=7777 -QueryPort=27015 -usedir=SERVER1
ConanSandboxServer.exe -log -MaxPlayers=50 -Port=7779 -QueryPort=27017 -usedir=SERVER2
ConanSandboxServer.exe -log -MaxPlayers=50 -Port=7781 -QueryPort=27019 -usedir=SERVER3

IMPORTANT: When you assign the Port or QueryPort parameter, notice that the server uses/reserves the next available port, which we can't use. This means that for multiple servers, we need to skip N+1 ports for each new server running on the same machine. Also note that ports 27025, 27026 and 27027 seem to cause issues and should be avoided.

Finally note that you can also set these ports in the config files below and remove them from the command completely.

By using -usedir=SERVER, you can run multiple servers on a single installation, separating each server to their own configuration. (thanks to Xerrion for pointing this out)

You can also use -Multihome=IP.GOES.RIGHT.HERE if you want to bind to a specific IP address, but it shouldn't be necessary, as by default Conan binds to all available IP addresses.



Add these new sections:


ServerName=Your awesome server name

NOTE: Note that Port and ServerQueryPort can be removed if you set these from the command line.

QueryPort in the command line is the same exact thing as ServerQueryPort in the config files.



Update (or add if missing) these if you want:



  • If any of the values or sections disappear from your config files, that means that they were set to the default values anyway, so it's still actually using them
  • MaxNudity=2 means full nudity
  • ServerCommunity=2 means "relaxed" (0 and 1 is "purity" etc.)
  • MaxAggroRange=1000 reduces NPC aggro from 9000 to 1000, which greatly improves performance
  • serverRegion=0 means Europe (0 and 1 is Europe, 2 is America and 3 is Asia) NOTE: This needs confirmation, getting conflicting reports