3/16/2017 - 8:10 AM

Плавный переход между страницами animsition

Плавный переход между страницами animsition
link(rel="stylesheet", href="bower/animsition/dist/css/animsition.min.css")

нужно обернуть весь контейнер блоком  .animsition
var $animsition = $('.animsition');
	    inClass: 'fade-in',
	    outClass: 'fade-out',
	    inDuration: 1500,
	    outDuration: 800,
	    linkElement: 'a[href$="/"]',
	    loading: true,
	   // loadingInner: '<img src="img/loading.svg" />', // e.g '<img src="loading.svg" />'
	    timeout: false,
	    timeoutCountdown: 1000,
	    onLoadEvent: true,
	    browser: [ 'animation-duration', '-webkit-animation-duration'],
	    // "browser" option allows you to disable the "animsition" in case the css property in the array is not supported by your browser.
	    // The default setting is to disable the "animsition" in a browser that does not support "animation-duration".
	    overlay : false,
	    overlayClass : 'animsition-overlay-slide',
	    overlayParentElement : 'body',
	      transition: function(url){ window.location.href = url; }