2/16/2017 - 12:15 AM

Thinkful 2.6.5 Object Drills 2

Thinkful 2.6.5 Object Drills 2,console
//Make student reports
  //The instructions say return an object but solution returns an array? Are they interchangable?,console
//Enroll in summer school
  //I couldn't get the keys to return and couldn't make either solution work without adding code,console
//Find by id
  //i did not know where to start here and need explanation of how this works,console
//Validate object keys,console
//Make to dos
  //Had to use solution to figure out how to run loop

//These all took a LOT longer than 10-20 minutes each to understand, & still dont' understand some of them :(
//Difficulty is like 1000X harder than Objects 1?