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git commands

git commands

# good git book

# Discard uncommitted changes in a specific file
git checkout file_name

# Clear everything not in repo
git checkout -- .

# A way to quickly move to the previous commit in a git branch. This also way for "deleting" last commit.
git reset --hard HEAD~1
# Move to the "next" commit, to the origin head.
git reset --hard ORIG_HEAD

# Move master branch to any other place
git reset --hard other_branch_name
git reset --hard 3k3k_commit_hash

# Undo a commit and redo (simple scenario, forget to change sth)
git commit -m 'initial commit'
edit file
git commit -a --amend

# Undo a commit and redo (more advanced scenario, like removing files)
# http://stackoverflow.com/questions/927358/git-undo-last-commit
$ git commit ...
$ git reset --soft HEAD^      (1)
$ edit                        (2)
$ git add ....                (3)
$ git commit -c ORIG_HEAD     (4)

# When in progress of developing something and you realized that it's better to do it in new branch.
git checkout -b new_branch
# you can as well use 'git stash', but branches are overall cheap and better express putting work on a side
# http://codingkilledthecat.wordpress.com/2012/04/27/git-stash-pop-considered-harmful/

# When moving file to different folder and renaming at the moment there is enough to by only one commit. First make 
git mv file_name #and then edit file(s).

# Check how code behaves on previous commit without playing with branches
git checkout Head^
#You are in 'detached HEAD' state. To go back:
git checkout master

# Revert all not committed changes. Do not delete new created files.
$ git reset –hard HEAD

# Remove from index (repository), file remains in folder
git rm --cached file_name

# Remove from repository and from folder
git rm file_name

# Commands for creating new repo
do it always on github cause sharing and having backup is very important.
git init # for only local temporary repository

# Get deleted files into the staging area. If you run git add . these files won’t be put into the staging area to be marked as deleted on the next commit. Run:
git add -u

# Get just one file from another branch
git checkout experiment -- app.js
# Get just one file from any commit
git checkout sha123 app.js

# Checkout previous branch
git checkout -

# Pull data with rebase
git pull --rebase
# Make --rebase default
git config --global --bool pull.rebase true

# Run this every time before pushing a set of commits:
git rebase -i @{u}

# Many other
git add -i
git add -p
git diff [--cached] file
git blame

#Show the last commit which message matches a regex
$ git show :/fix
# shows the last commit which has the word "fix" in its message
$ git show :/^Merge
# shows the last merge commit

#Checkout a branch, rebase and merge to master
$ git rebase HEAD feature && git rebase HEAD @{-2}

# remove untracked files
git clean -f 
git clean -fd # with directories

git commit –fixup=b92f2f0