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分享到博客 onedrive_cli.txt

分享到博客 onedrive_cli.txt

usage: onedrive-cli [-h] [-c path] [-p] [-i] [-e enc] [--debug]

Tool to manipulate OneDrive contents.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c path, --config path
                        Writable configuration state-file (yaml). Used to
                        store authorization_code, access and refresh tokens.
                        Should initially contain at least something like
                        "{client: {id: xxx, secret: yyy}}". Default: ~/.lcrc
  -p, --path            Interpret file/folder arguments only as human paths,
                        not ids (default: guess). Avoid using such paths if
                        non-unique "name" attributes of objects in the same
                        parent folder might be used.
  -i, --id              Interpret file/folder arguments only as ids (default:
  -e enc, --encoding enc
                        Use specified encoding (example: utf-8) for CLI
                        input/output. See full list of supported encodings at:
                        encodings . Default behavior is to detect input
                        encoding via chardet module, if available, falling
                        back to utf-8 and use terminal encoding for output.
  --debug               Verbose operation mode.

Supported operations:
    auth                Perform user authentication.
    quota               Print quota information.
    recent              List recently changed objects.
    info                Display object metadata.
    info_set            Manipulate object metadata.
    link                Get a link to a file.
    ls                  List folder contents.
    mkdir               Create a folder.
    get                 Download file contents.
    put                 Upload a file.
    cp                  Copy file to a folder.
    mv                  Move file to a folder.
    rm                  Remove object (file or folder).
    comments            Show comments for a file, object or folder.
    comment_add         Add comment for a file, object or folder.
    comment_delete      Delete comment from a file, object or folder.
    tree                Show contents of onedrive (or folder) as a tree of
                        file/folder names. Note that this operation will have
                        to (separately) request a listing of every folder
                        under the specified one, so can be quite slow for
                        large number of these.