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Getting Started with React Native Android

Getting Started with React Native Android

Quick Start Guide

https://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/getting-started.html#content http://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/android-setup.html

Installing a bunch of deps

We're going to be use io.js because node has a lot of trouble with the react-native cli.

Download io.js - https://iojs.org/en/

brew install watchman
brew install gradle
brew install android-ndk
brew install android-sdk
sudo npm install -g react-native-cli

Add SDK and NDK to your path

In your bash profile, export the android-sdk and android-ndk

export ANDROID_HOME=/usr/local/opt/android-sdk
export ANDROID_NDK=/usr/local/Cellar/android-ndk/r10e

Running Your Own App

Go into the root of an app created using react-native init and run:

react-native run-android

Running Examples Repo on Device

git clone git@github.com:facebook/react-native.git
cd react-native
./gradlew :Examples:Movies:android:app:installDebug

# Start the packager in a separate shell (make sure you ran npm install):


Building the app (without react-native toolkit)

This isn't recommended, but the route I went down first before discovering the prior method.

gradle # to build
gradle assemble # to make unsigned apk

This will generate three files in project/build/outputs/apk/


Gotcha's for doing it the hard way

It might complain that you are missing some deps or build tools when trying to build or install, you can install them from the command line using:

sudo android update sdk --no-ui --all --filter build-tools-23.0.1
android update sdk --no-ui --filter 'platform-tools'

Running unsigned/debug APK on device

  • Enable USB debugging
  • Ensure that your development computer can detect your device when connected via USB
adb -d install /build/outputs/apk/app-debug.apk

The -d flag specifies that you want to use the attached device (in case you also have an emulator running).


Red screen of death?


React Native Modules


More Gotchas

See this when trying to run react-native run-android?

Just delete the file node_modules/react-native/node_modules/react-tools/docs/js/react.js and everything is fine.