Dungeon World -- Season 1, Episode 1

It started with the dreams.

The ancient elf was always sitting across from you in a chair made of some weird metal and fabric mesh you could never
quite identify. He always mentioned you by name...but never mentioned his own name.

He reminded you of the battle over a thousand years ago where the forces led by the HordeKing won their battle against the
elves and their allies, opening a portal that blasted the landscape with magical energy and pulled almost the entire Great
Allied Army through the gate.

He talked about how the elves survived on the other side of the portal but the forces of magic are too weak to allow the 
New Army Of The Allied to venture back through the portal at the base of the ancient tower that seemingly touched the sky.

He recounts the tale of how the HordeKing removed several crystals that helped to power and control the gate, telling his
followers to hide them well, since destroying them was beyond his abilities. The HordeKing continues his reign to this day,
maintaining a tight grip on his kingdom and being constantly vigilant for "elvish contamination".

The dreams always end the same way: he tells you that you have been chosen to help find the crystals, open the portal, and
allow the New Army Of The Allied to return to the lands to hunt down the remainder of the Horde and restore the Republic of

You all felt a compulsion to meet in the same place -- a small inn in the shadows of a great black-smithing operation that
produces weapons and materials for The Horde on the western shores of The Lake of Shining Waters. Instinctively recognizing
each other, you had a long night of discussion and agreed to help bring about the return of the New Army of the Allied.

When you made camp the first night after departing the inn, you were woken by an elf who dropped off a pouch made of some
weird material that reminded you of leather but unsettled you. Inside that pouch was a pair of glasses that you were told
would allow the wearer to detect an amber glow around old elvish items such as the crystals. Also inside were 7 tokens on
thongs made of the same material that the elf said would get you passage in and out of the lands controlled by the Mohawk
Nation, just on the other side of the Gara River.

So you stand in the ruins of a small pre-HordeKing city made of ancient kreet and rusty metal, seeing the spray of the
Great Gara Falls, where the old elf tells you one of the 6 power crystals is being guarded.  You have a map that leads you
to the entrance to an ancient tunnel not known to the agents of the Horde. At the end of that tunnel is an ancient bridge
that crosses over the river at a spot where a raging whirlpool continues to churn the water and envelop the bridge from the
prying eyes of others.

Your plan is to cross into Mohawk territory, then make your way a little further south to the border crossing plaza at the
falls, where the crystal is. The tokens you've been given should allow you to get back into Horde territory where you will
be given instructions on the location of another crystal.

The party stands poised at the entrance to the tunnel. What do you do?